USDA / Guaranteed Rural Housing Loans

Guaranteed Rural Housing (GRH) is a government insured single-family home loan program for low to moderate income borrowers purchasing homes in rural areas

 Please visit for more information and eligibility requirements

Minimum 600 credit score

Seller Contributions Max 6% seller contribution allowed

No Private Mortgage Insurance required. Upfront USDA Guarantee Fee of 2% can be financed into the loan amount for Purchase transactions and 0.5% for R/T Refinances

No cash reserves required

No minimum contribution from the borrower’s own funds required


Occupancy Type Primary Residences (1 Unit)

Purchases and Guaranteed Rural Housing Rate/Term Refinances

Max Loan Amount $417,000

Max Financing Amount (LTV) 100% Appraised LTV

Interest-Only Option Not Available

Loan Terms 30 Years





Eligible Property Types 1 Unit SFDs, Warrantable Condos, PUDs, Townhomes and Modular Homes